Introduction: Pocket Survival First Aid Kit (IFAK)

I made this kit for when I am going on small adventures such as day hikes. This kit lacks a lot of SERIOUS care, but can handle a lot of blood for it's size.

Step 1: What It Is Composed Of

With the size of this kit in mind, I could only break it down into a few sections Section A: Bleeding (Major) Section B: Bleeding (Minor) Section C: Wound Care; Wound Cleaning Section D: Tools; Admin (I also used 3x5 baggies to organize all of the sections and a 4x6 bag to put it all into)

Step 2: Section A

Section A Includes: 4x4 Gauze Pads (x2) 3x4 Triple Layer Nonstick Pads (x2)

Step 3: Section B

Section B Includes: Large Band Aid (x2) Small Band Aid (x2) Small Butterfly Bandage (x2) Extra Large Knee Band Aid (x1)

Step 4: Section C

Section C includes: First Aid Cream (x1) Burn Cream (x2) Bzk Towelette (x2) Assortment Of Medications (x1) Alcohol Prep Pad (x3)

Step 5: Section D

Section D Includes: Popsicle Stick (x1) Cotton Swabs (x3) Small Piece Of Medical Tape (x1) Medical Scissor (x1) Medical Tweezer (x1) Medical Gloves (x2)

Step 6: The Purpose

This Kit is so small, so light and so portable everyone should carry one. A FAK of this size should be with you at all times even on a small adventure into the woods!
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