Introduction: Pocket Tripod

A useful tripod that's easy to make and fits in your pocket. It uses stiff wire wrapped in electrical tape as legs, and taped to a bolt. I have like 4 now so i'll give one to my friend that wanted one.

Step 1: Get Supplies

you need 4 things:

3 Stiff pieces of wire, 10+ inches long (old coat hangers, copper house wiring)

a 1/4" bolt that fits camera mounts, they're pretty common

electrical tape


Step 2: Wrap Legs

start wrapping around one end of the wire with electrical tape about 10 times around, then move up to the other end, leaving 2" uncovered.

wrap the others the same way.

Step 3: Bend "U"s in Legs

use the pliers to bend "U"s on the un-covered ends of the legs.

Step 4: Wrap Tape Around Bolt


Step 5: Add a Leg

Place the "U" of one leg against the bolt as shown. Wrap the tape around 2 or 3 times tightly.

Step 6: Add More Legs

add the other two legs (or more) in the same way. Now wrap 10-20 times around everything super tightly.

Step 7: Done :D

wasnt that easy? now just screw your tripod on, DONT OVERSCREW, you can screw on a nut or wingnut to snug up your camera, or 2 nuts screwed together to stop your camera from going down too far.

you can use it as a normal tripod, a great macro tripod for getting low and it will wrap around anything; signs, branches, chairs (camping chairs...)

give some to your photographer friends too (my friend wanted one)
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