Introduction: Pocket Laser Show Mod

In this instructable i will show how to mod the pocket laser light show from thinkgeek to use it with any other laser. Because the original red laser does not provide that much fun then a green one. The laser I will be using is the Core 5mW from Wickedlasers

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Step 1: What You Need

Pocket Laser Show
The Core Laser (Any pen-style laser pen would work)
PVC Pipe
Some plastic or rubber to connect the PVC pipe to the pocket laser show.

Step 2: Unscrew

Remove the screws from the pocket laser show.

Step 3: Remove the Red Laser

Carefully open the case and make sure the wires don't break. Unscrew the red laser, you can either leave it hanging in the casing or cut it off.

Step 4: Drill a Hole!

Close it for now and drill a hole here.

Step 5: PVC Pipe

Now your going to need your PVC pipe. My PVC pipe it around 10CM long. I attached a piece of plastic on it so it gets stuck in the hole from the pocket laser. You can basically use anything depending on how big the hole in pocket laser show is to attract the PVC pipe. As long as it does not fall off and can hold the weight of your laser ofcourse.

Step 6: Attach the PVC Pipe

Attach the PVC pipe to your pocket laser show.

Step 7: Put Your Laser in the PVC Pipe

Put your laser in the PVC pipe. I used some tape to keep the laser on. The Core 5mW can basically stay on until the batteries run out aslong as you watch the tempature of the laser. If your using a more powerful laser be careful to not go over the duty cycle.

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