Pocket Sized Olympic Bunting (Flags)

Introduction: Pocket Sized Olympic Bunting (Flags)

Miniature flags to celebrate the Olympics, can be used underneath a doorbell to show where the celebrations are on, or around the neck of a bottle or even as jewellery.

Step 1: Ingredients / Photos

flag photos
clothes pegs/clip

I made the flag photos by finding jpgs on the internet. Then I used Publisher (but I'm sure you could use another program) to repeat the flags and save the double flag as a jpg. I used the instant photo machines at Officeworks (like Staples) and using the collage setting printed the flags 9 up on a 6"x4" photo.

Step 2: Fold and Glue

Fold the flags, glue the middle flag, make a knot either side.

Step 3: Continue

Add the other flags, knot in between and clip the flags together. Knot the ends.

Step 4: Bunting

The five cent piece is the same size as a penny. I like the bunting around the bottle, and the other photos show some I made last year for a royal wedding, I used it to show where the party was.

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