Introduction: Pocket-sized Watercolor Altoids Tin

Now that I have made this little kit I can't stop using it! I just started with Instructables, so excuse me if I make any mistakes... :)

You will need:
Altoids regular tin
Altoids Smalls
Sculpey clay color of your choice
Watercolor tube paints
Any other accessories you please
Aspirin, vitamins or any other tablets that dissolve in water (paint wells)

Start with a regular old Altoids tin you have at home that are just laying around. (Make sure you also have an Altoid's smalls to go with it, paint, sculpey clay, and any other accessories you please.

1. Take your sculpey clay and line the edge of your smalls tin with it. Work your way around until it's smooth and even.

2. Take your tablets and firmly press them to the places you would like your paint wells to be, smooth evenly. I did a test on what colors I used most, and surprisingly enough there was a HUGE dent in my red and yellow, so I added 2 vitamin c tablets in, for red and yellow. YOu can make them all the same size, or personally adjust it to fit YOU.

3. Bake accordingly

4. Place your tin into a tub or plastic container of water and wait 5- 20 minutes until the tablets dissolve (occasionally scraping with a tooth-pick to speed up the process)

5. Add your paint to your tin, including the small extra color around the two main ones.

6. Let your paints dry unless you want it to get messy. (2-24 hours based on quality of paints.)

7. Add any accessories you wish to the tin and add your paint tin.

8. Shove it into your pocket and when the urge comes, you're ready to paint!!

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