Pocky Tray Storage Tray..

Introduction: Pocky Tray Storage Tray..

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This is a simple 3 teir storage tray made from the cardboard tray u get in big packs of chocolate pocky.
If you eat alot of pocky then you may end up with many of these :P

I have 2 now >_>;

Step 1: Materials:

You will need...

3 packy trays (thats 3 packs of pocky, meaning 30 packets of pocky for u to eat :P, 10 packets per pack).

4 drinking straws (about 22cm long, or the same leangth as the skewers)..

4 wooden BBQ/kebab skewers (or something similar, 18cm - 20cm long)..

1 sharp pin (to poke holes with

Step 2: Get Stabby!!

punch small holes with the pin in all 4 corners of 2 of the trays.
Make sure to make the holes as close the the corner as possible, this helps keep the trays ridgid when assembled..
then push the skewers through to make the holes.

Step 3: Spherical Straw Things (spirit of All Things - S.O.A.D)

Ok not sperical but thats besides the point.

Next get the straws, and cut them so you have 2 leangths from each straw that is twice the hight of 1 tray. keep the leftover peaces..

Step 4: Assemble:

Now get your skewers and 4 of the straw bits.

Push the skewers through the holes, and pop a straw on the underside of the tray oneach (making sure the sharp end is pointing up).

Now place it in the bottom tray (the one without holes in) so that its standing on the 4 straws and the skewers. (the amount of skewer wil be the same leangth as the straw bit)..

Be sure that the trays are facing the same way, there is a bit cut out of one end.

It should be quite firm once the bottom and middle trays are together.

Now place the other 4 straw bits onto the skewers in the middle tray so they are sitting just like the ones bellow in the bottom tray.
Carefully line up the holes in the top tray with the skewers and slot it in place on top. the structure is now more ridgid and the layers are sitting happily on all staws.

To finish it off get the reamaining 4 straw bits that were left over from the cutting and place them over the tops of the skewers (to cover the sharp woody points).

And there u go :) a simple quick storage rack out of pocky packages ;) u can store pocky in it :D or whatever else u want..

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    Reply 11 years ago on Step 4

    some biscuity stick thing dipped in chocolate with other flavours too from japan mainly, pretty nom. found it at an international food shop


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is adorable! Long ago I lived in Thailand and ate pocky everyday after school - gained 10 lbs too because of it! I would never buy a big tray of it but do love it still. Doesn't sell much in the US. Wonderful little idea to recycle and reuse these boxes!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Did someone say weeaboo? cos im sure i heard someone say Weeaboo >:)