Pointless Laser Cut Box

Introduction: Pointless Laser Cut Box

Do you want to learn how to laser cut? Or do you already know how to use one but want to make something utterly pointless? Then continue reading.

Step 1: SketchUp

Open sketchup. delete the small dude standing there. Now use the rectangle tool to make a rectangle that is 6" long by 5" wide. Using the draw tool make a 1/4" line going towards the center of the rectangle near the center of each side. (The video in this will clear it up it's highly suggested you watch it.) For every 1/4" line make a 3/4" line at the top then an other 1/4" line going towards the edge of the rectangle these are your "key holes."

Step 2: The Sides

For each side you want to start off by creating a "key" for the notch make the same shape. Once thats done make the base of the sides make a line from the key that is the length of the base. Use the Arch Tool and make a 6" wide arch on both ends of the "base line.

For the two sides on the short ends make an other key on the top of each.

Step 3: Top

Make another rectangle the same size as the first one (6"x5") and two "key holes" that the keys on top of the two sides will fit in.

Step 4: Cut

When you are ready to cut you will need to save your file as a DXF. This may or may not be necessary to do this but I have to for the one I used. You will need to scale your box to the right size, this laser cutter uses millimeters so multiply 25.4 by 12 and you will get a nice sized box. Again this might be different with the laser cutter you're using.

Step 5: Put It Together

Pretty strait forward and any adhesive will work, I used hot glue because it sets fast.

Step 6: Bipitty Bopitty Boo

Your pointless box it finished!

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    7 years ago

    at picture 1 I thought this was a full size table. very cool


    7 years ago

    It may be pointless, but it looks really cool!