Introduction: Poison!

I found a bunch of old medicine dropper bottles at a yard sale, and wanted to display them, but they where too plain with no labels, so I went online to google images and searched for 'poison'

Originally I was just going to put a skull and crossbones on, but found a great collection of old medicine labels, and so I got a bit creative.

Step 1: What I Found

I printed them out on my B/W laser printer, and started playing with how I could age them, and make them look more authentic.

Using tea bags, and coffee grounds worked the best, Also I found that if I soak a blank sheet of paper in a pan with tea bags and water - let it soak over night, then let it air dry for a day or two, then run THAT thru the printer the results where AWESOME

also used the same method with a color inkjet printer with similar results

bought some double stick sheets at Staples - applied the adhesive

then used a very sharp paper scissors to cut the label to shape

Step 2: The Results!!

I got a bit creative combining black and white and color

and it was a fast and fun experience.

You can use ANY OLD BOTTLE and get creative!

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