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Who doesn't want to be a Poké Ball for Halloween?

This costume was originally made for cosplay at NYCC this year, but obviously can be used as a Halloween costume. I got the idea from a WFW video. This is a great last minute costume; Its really easy and cheap and only takes only a tee shirt, craft foam, belt, and shorts. 

Step 1: Materials

- Fitting red tee shirt
-White/light colored pair of shorts or pants
-Black belt
-Thick black craft foam board
-White craft foam board, preferentially with an adhesive side
-Glue (If you don't have adhesive craft foam)

Step 2: Making the Button

Cut two circles out of the craft foam, one 6 inch diameter circle out of the black foam and one 5 inch diameter circle out of the white one.  Glue the white circle on top of the black one. Flip the circle over and create two straps to slide your belt through. If you are using adhesive while foam, you can cut the strips out of it and remove the paper backings at the end of the strips to attach them to the back of the button.

Edit: After a day at Comic Con, I realized the adhesive backing on the ends of the strip by themselves don't hold very well. It might be a good idea to attach the strips to the back of the black circle first, staple them, then attach the white adhesive circle to the front to hide the staples.

Step 3: Your Done

Just put it all together and your done. Now you're ready to go catch some Pokemon. 

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    3 years ago

    What a simple and awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i see we have a wongfu fan here. phil had a great idea with that


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Simple, yet effective.

    Just make sure you get your target's HP to critical before trying to catch them. ;P

    Awesome! I'm just imagining a group of people dressed up as all the different ball types.