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Introduction: Poke Phone

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Need to get rid of those amazing Pokemon cards you have? Make 'em into a phone!
I wasn't going to make this into an instructable, but in school someone said I should sell them and get a nobel prize. I figured this was about the same.
you'll need
-tons of pokemon cards
-a cell phone(flip phone, unless you have really big cards)
-XActo or a drill and a saw

Step 1: The Phone

I accidentally jumped into a pool with a cell phone in my pocket, I suggest that you just buy one. Make sure your cards are wider than your phone, then take off the plastic cover. I jiggled a knife between the two sides of the phone and then pulled it apart with pliers, if you don't want to do that, under the rubber things(if you have any) are screws. Just take off the rubber things and unscrew the screws.

Step 2: The New Case

Get all of your cards together(I use Pokemon cards, Yu-gi-oh cards are too small). Make sure your stack is more than thick enough for every part of your phone. Find out which card you want on the top and bottom, lay these and a couple of other cards aside. With the cards you have left make two separate stacks thick enough for the side of the phone they'll go on. Glue all the cards in each stack together. If you clamp them to keep them together while they dry, don't clamp them too tight.

Step 3: Making the Cut

Lay your two stacks down as if your phone is open, draw lines for cutting so your cell phone will fit, leave room for hinges. Drill through one of the corners, or if you have a better way, I would really suggest you do that. When you drill through the cardboard the bit pushes everything aside, if you drill it you'll understand.
Then take a saw(pretty much any saw that you can get in the hole and will cut corners). Cut out your shape.
OR cut it all with an Xacto knife, takes a long time but looks better.

Step 4: Putting on the Hinges

Go to lowes or any store and buy some tiny hinges. Drill your holes where you're going to put the screws. On the opposite side of the card stack, drill a wider hole(I think this is countersinking?) make sure it's big enough for the nut. This way when you put the top and bottom on you can't see the nut or the screw. Also, your screws might not be completely flat against the hinges, so if you can you might want to cut out a few pieces of card where they're going, this way it closes completely.

Step 5: Finish It

Take those cards you set aside earlier and put them on. If you have any type of camera or anything that's now covered, make a hole, I suggest not using a saw.

Now that you're done, you might say, "Hey, why the heck did I do this?", well, it's almost all cardboard, so it's like a block of wood, and... you can hit people with it, I do all the time.
It's awesome, so there's something.
Teachers don't realize it's a phone, and I'm not even kidding. With the keypad uncovered it can be used as a light.
You can put other things in the case too.
If you need any other reasons, you're a badger, and I can use my cellphone too distract you long enough for me to escape.

Step 6: The Easy Part

Put the cell phone in. Hold the battery on with tape or a rubberband. DO NOT USE TAPE TO HOLD THE CELL PHONE IN PLACE!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    no offence, its looks bad, mod it into a poke dex or something cooler.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    good idea, a pokedex made out of pokemon cards.