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Love Pokemon but don't want to waste P200 by drilling through real Pokeballs and hanging them on your tree?

Here's a great way of enhancing X(and Y)mas for the trainer in all of us.

Credit to my brother who came up with the idea in a shopping centre.

Step 1: You Will Need

- scissors
- single-hole punch
- masking tape
- hobby knife
- face mask/bandanna
- black permanent marker
- clothes pegs
- drying rack (can be improvised)

- baubles (I used shiny red ones, but feel free to use your own. Matte silver ones would look cool)
- string (for hanging up - they usually come with the baubles)
- enamel spray paint:
  • primer
  • white
  • clear coat

Step 2: Prepare the Baubles

a. Cut enough masking tape to wrap around the entire bauble and punch a semicircle along one edge.
Align it with the equator of the bauble (excessive precision is unnecessary; no-one will notice if its slightly off-centre).

b. Create a "handle" from masking tape that covers the dangly bit of the bauble.
It should look like a red, shiny eyeball.

c. Clean the exposed surface with a weak detergent mix.
(I used methylated spirits, which ate into the colouring, but was otherwise fine.)

Step 3: Undercoat

Spray the baubles with a coat of primer - don't go overboard!

I pegged the drying baubles to an old door-mounted clothes hanging thing (which I cable-tied to a laundry trolley).
Feel free to use a non-ghetto arrangement when drying.
(What you could also do is tape the baubles to toothpicks and stick them in styrofoam or cardboard. This way, it's to paint the entire batch.)

After several hours, apply another coat if it feels necessary.

Step 4: White Coat

After the primer has dried for several hours, repeat the process with your white spray paint.

This step is probably the most time-consuming due to the number of layers you will end up spraying.
For the inexperienced, white is a terrible colour to spray.

Step 5: Black Lines

Once the paint has completely dried, mask off an even line around the equator of the bauble.
Fill it in with permanent marker, but do NOT go through the white semicircle.

When the line is complete, remove the tape and carefully draw the circle by hand.

I ended up carefully free-handing most of the lines due to a lack of patience.

Step 6: Hang Ten (or Twenty)

Tie a length of string (it should've come with the baubles) on each bauble and hang them up.
Try to orient them so you can see the central dot.

Merry Christmas, Instructables community!

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