Introduction: Pokemon Battle Frontier Tips

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Battle Frontier, is where trainers battle their Pokemon with various rules and condition, trainers may also challenge the Frontier Brains whose have powerful Pokemons.  The first Battle Frontier was introduced in Pokemon Emerald. The new Battle Frontier was introduced in Pokemon Platinum, where there are new rules and Frontier Brains. I found that some people found hard on battling in the Battle Frontier and defeating the Frontier Brains. Here are my tips! Hope it helps!

Step 1: Tip #1: Know Your Moves!

Many people teaches their Pokemons with TMs (Technical Machines) just to have their Pokemon learn various types of moves. So they can have an advantage when facing their Pokemon's weakness. Here are my tips when teaching TMs to your Pokemon:
1. Check your Pokemon's Status, the Attack and the Sp. Atk. Physical or Special moves you should give to your Pokemon. Also, check your Pokemon's Speed. High-speed Stat Pokemon will be a good attacker.
2. Know your TM's type, if you teach a move that has the same type as your Pokemon's it will get a STAB (Same-Type Attack Boost) that will give you 1.5X boost!
3. Don't think non-damaging moves are not useful! They are useful for supporting 2-on-2 battles and 1-on-1 battles! Example: You have a Bronzong and your opponent is a Weavile. Normally, Weavile will go first and attack you. But if you use Trick Room you will get the first move on the next turn!

Step 2: Tip #2: Battling Your Opponent

In Battle Frontier, your opponent use random Pokemons. They even can use Legendary Pokemons! They can even use Pokemon that is your Pokemon's weakness! So be prepared! Here are my tips:
1. Attach power-boosting items and berries to them, although only the Battle Tower allows it but there are various type of battles in the Battle Tower, it should be helpful. Save your BP (Battle Points) to purchase them.
2. Know your opponent's type, use moves that is it's weakness, or if you don't have the move, use move that has STAB.
3. Use Legendary Pokemon if possible, or use a stage 2 Pokemon. They're very useful because they have Stat that is higher than normal Pokemon.

Step 3: Tip #3: Confronting a Frontier Brain

Frontier Brains can be challenged after you finished a 21-streak battle, that means you must go in 3 times without being defeated. Frontier Brains has powerful Pokemons that has been given powerful moves and items! If you lose you'll have to start again! If you win, you'll get the Silver Print and continue to challenge him/her on the second battle and obtain the Gold Print. What should we do? Simple! We have technology! Go to! You can see their Stat, moves and items! With these information, you can make a strategy to defeat the Frontier Brains!

Step 4: Tip #4: Battle Castle

Battle Castle is the one of the new facility on Battle Frontier. Your Pokemons are not healed like other facility. Instead, you will receive CP (Castle Points) each time you win a battle. You can use to heal, rent items and even view your opponent's Pokemon! Here are my tips:
1. Try not to make your Pokemon faint and try to defeat your opponent less than 5 turns, it will increase the CP you earn.
2. Try to minimize your CP usage. Example: Don't heal your Pokemon if only damaged a little and it's health bar still green, heal them if it's health is running low and it's health bar is orange or red.
3. Upgrade your heal rank, so you can heal PP. Don't upgrade it again! After that, upgrade the rental item rank, with this you can rental power-boost item.
4. Once you upgrade, the rental item rank, rent the Light Ball this item boost your Attack and Sp. Atk Stat. And try to bring a Marowak or Cubone once you upgrade it. Cause there is the item Thick Club that doubles the Attack of Marowak or Cubone.
5. Don't upgrade the opponent-viewing rank! Since you can get the information from Bulbapedia you don't have to see Castle Valet Darach- the Frontier Brain's Pokemon, right? Just adjust their level in anyway you like!

Step 5: Tip #5: Battle Factory

Just like previous Battle Frontier, the game-play doesn't change at all! Battle Factory is where you must rent random Pokemons from the Battle Factory and use them to battle. Items are also attached to the Pokemon. You can swap the Pokemon with the Pokemon your previous opponent owned. The Frontier Brain- Factory Head Thorton also use random Pokemon, so beware! He could even use a Legendary Pokemon! Here's my tips on renting Pokemon:
1. Look at the Stat, choose the one that has highest Stat. It depends on yourself, what team do you want! A defensive one or an offensive one, you choose!
2. Look at the moves, choose that has various type of moves or the Pokemon normally can't learn! But also, choose that can support your other Pokemon.
3. Look at the item the Pokemon's holding. Is it supporting it's move or not!
4. Lastly, don't make a team with the same type or weakness! Make it mixed, cause if you find an opponent that is your weakness you can change your Pokemon so it is not hit by super-effective move!

Step 6: Tip #6: Battle Hall

Battle Hall is a unique one! You only use one Pokemon in here and you battle 10 opponent instead of 7! Another unique thing is that you can choose your opponent's Pokemon type! Each type has 10 level that will increase each time you defeat one. But of course, same as the Battle Factory, Hall Matron Argenta the Frontier Brain uses random Pokemon! So be very very prepared cause you only use 1 Pokemon! Here are my tips:
1. Choose your Pokemon that has Various type of moves. So you can choose your opponent that is weak against your Pokemon's move! Even 1 type of move can finish 2-4 type opponents! That means you able to defeat 20-40 opponents with just 1 move!
2. Argenta will show up if you have completed 50-streak battles. I suggest, choose the hardest type first, then the easy ones.

Step 7: Tip #7: Battle Arcade

This one needs luck to play, but when you get used to it you can manipulate your luck! Before battle, there is a massive roulette machine that will scroll quickly. You have to press the button to stop the roulette. If it lands on the black tile, the effect goes to your own Pokemon but if it lands on the red tile , the effect goes to your opponent's Pokemon. The gray tile will effect both you and your opponent. It may paralyze, poison or burn you or your opponent's Pokemon. It also may change the weather, give you items or even swap your Pokemons! Here are my tips on playing the roulette:
1. It's okay if you're not used to play the roulette! For the first time you'll get things that you don't want, But as you play more, you'll get used to it and able to press the right tile.
2. Try to hit the tile that decrease the machine's speed (the tile that has a down arrow mark), don't hit the up arrow mark or the question mark, because that will make the machine's speed increase and move randomly.
3. If you already hit the decrease button, you 'll be easy to defeat Arcade Star Dahlia! You can paralyze, Poison, Burn or even reduce it's Level her Pokemons! This should help you obtaining the berry tile!

Step 8: Thanks!

Thanks for viewing! I hope it helps! Sorry, if there are mistakes or blur pictures.