Pokemon Go PLUS NFC Tag

Introduction: Pokemon Go PLUS NFC Tag

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This was a small birthday present for a friend, that is a little bit addicted to Pokemon Go. If you hold the Tag on your phone back Pokemon Go will be opend or if you havn't installed it you will be guided to the Pokemon Go Store of your App Store(Apple/Google). This thing is good to convert normal people to install Pokemon Go and become addicted ;)

Step 1: 3D Print the Parts

Print the three parts in the color that the file-name says.

Step 2: Embed the NFC

You can add the NFC chip on the fly while the 3D printer is working. You have to look for the right time. Take a chair and sit infront of the 3D printer not to miss the time for inserting. You should only put the NFC chip in the end because otherwise the hot nozzle could potationaly damage your NFC chip and make it unuseable.

You can also use the "Cura Stop Feature" to stop the printer at a
specific layer or height, but this feature didn't work always(or I'm to dumb to use it in the right way ;) ).

Step 3: Write on the NFC Chip

Install the app for your device.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

  1. Go to Add at the tap write
  2. Select Application
  3. Click on the small Android symbol
  4. Select the app Pokemon Go
  5. You will now see a link for the app
  6. Click on the small button write with the size on the right
  7. Hold your NFC-Chip on your phones NFC field

You can find the NFC reader on your phone on the internet when you search for it. I provide two pictures for the iPhone 11 pro and the Samsung 8 Note + NFC reader positions.

Step 4: Conclusion

My friend was pretty happy about the present and converted five people to install Pokemon Go on their phones. I hope you enjoyed this Instractable and have fun to build it. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any questions? Thank you for reading.





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    2 years ago

    Haven't seen anything like this before! Nice!