Introduction: Pokemon Go Trainer Toddler Edition

Me and my son have been chasing Pokemon since the Pokemon Go app came out in July. About a month later, I asked what he wanted to be this Halloween, of course he said Pokemon Go Trainer.

Then we decide to do a whole package for Pokemon Go app, a Pokemon Trainer, a Giant iPhone with Pokemon Go app on the screen, a PokeBall with a Pokemon (he picked Pikachu) inside, and a Pokestop with lures. Berry was the last minute project when my son chased grandma (playing role as a pokemon) and was asked to feed her a berry so she would stay still.

Step 1: Pokemon Go Trainer Outfit

Luckily I found a Gap red sweatshirt ($3.5) and cut two old shirts (grey and white) from his closet to make his trainer hoodie sweatshirt. White shirt was cut to make part of the sweatshirt while grey shirt was cut to make the hoodie and edges of pockets on sweatshirt and pants.

I also found girl's black leggings ($0.9) to go underneath his stripe pants (rolled up to the knee). Red ribbons were sewn on sides of the leggings.

I made his visor with a red women's visor ($1) and my black headband.
All materials were either from a thrift store or given from a friend.

Fingerless gloves are part of the skating gear set!

Step 2: Giant Pokeball, Giant Iphone With Pokemon Go App, Egg Incubator

The Giant Pokeball is made with a
6" Ball container ($0.99 Partycity store) and acrylic paints.
Giant iPhone is easy and made with a white shoebox from my closet. Simply cut the sides of bottom shorter to fit completely in the cover. Colored the screen with my son's crayons and created an Apple logo to cover the original shoebox logo. My son also picked three of his favorite Pokemon to put on the screen. He even requested the Pikachu needs to jump in the sky.
Egg incubator is easy! I took one Easter egg from my son's collection and asked him to paint in white with green dots. Simply found a container big enough to hold the egg and taped the bottom.

Step 3: Sock Pikachu

Pikachu is one of his favorite pokemon so it's chosen to go with his outfit. Sock Pikachu idea came from youtube video but I made it slightly different with his ears across each other.

Step 4: Pokestop and Berry

Pokestop is made with recycled cardboard, old hanger reshaped in circle, string, tape, blue printing paper, and pink/hot pink wrapping paper.
Berry was made with Victoria's Secret wrapping papers.

Step 5: Completed!

Total time: < 5 hours (hand sew everything)
Total cost: $5.88

This is the cheapest costume I have ever made! It was fun making this costume with my 3 year old son. He helped me with every step and making decisions. People thought this costume was store bought costume because GAP logo was on it.
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