Introduction: Pokemon Melody Box

This is how to make a Pokemon Melody Box with toys inside. You don't have to make your music box Pokemon related. You can be creative and make any type of box you want. You can code your favorite song and turn it into a jewelry box.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following supplies.

1. Circuit Playground Board

2. USB Cord

3. Battery Pack

4. A wooden box (I bought mine on Amazon, but you can find more variety at Michaels)

5. Acrylic Paint & Paint Brushes

6. Foam Paper

7. Any type of cloths (optional)

8. Wooden round balls (also from Michaels)

9. Masking tape

10. Aluminum Tape

11. Conductive thread

12. Needle.

Step 2: Programming Your Song

The first step I did was program a song from one of the Pokemon games. You can choose any song to program that you wish. The first step is to find the song on YouTube and type in "piano easy". This will allow you to code your music into the blocks very easy. Make sure to code a song that's about 15- 30 seconds. The length of the song you code must play through the whole entire code. Choose wisely on how long the song will be.

Step 3: Sensors and Lights

Use the block code "on start" and add the followings:

"set bright light threshold to 15"

"set dark light threshold to 40"

"stop al sounds"

On a s separate section us the block code "on light bright" and add the followings:

"run in parallel"

"while "light level" ">" 15"


"show animations "rainbow light " for 2000 ms"

"stop all animations"

"stop all sounds"


under "run in parallel" add the block code "while "light level" ">" 15"


"*add in your coded music*"

"stop all songs"

For the colored rings use the block code for "on button? click"

and add in "show ring"

Use color for desire outcome of ring light.

Step 4: Painting Your Box

For this section feel free to be creative! You don't have to paint a pokeball if you don't want to, you can paint a pokemon on your box or you can paint something else you want. Make sure that the inside is as pretty inside. This step might take a couple hours to complete depending how many coats of paint you decide to do. I did three coats of paint for my box.

Step 5: Stetting Up Your Box

For section you will need to cut your foam paper to the size of your lid. Try to place your circuit playground board in the center and poke a hole at the bottom of the playground board to allow the battery pack wire to come through. Tape the battery pack on to the back of the foam paper and then tape the circuit playground board on the other side.

Next, cut out dime size circle from the aluminum foil tape. Place them around the circuit playground board according to your aesthetic pleasing and color code them with marker. Then sew each pin to the designated button you programed. Since I programed the pin A4 to light up blue I will connect it to the aluminum foil that is colored blue and so on.

Step 6: Stetting Up Your Box Continue

Your foam piece might feel unbalance due to the battery being in the back. To fix this problem I stacked foam paper to balance it with the battery pack. This way when you push the buttons it won't push the foam paper back.

the next step it taping the foam piece to the lid. You can choose to glue it onto the lid, just keep in mind about changing the battery and removing the circuit playground board when you want to change the song.

Step 7: Toys!

The next step is to add toys into your box or anything you want! From jewelry to toys, to maybe even pins.

Step 8: Wooden Pokeballs (Optional)

This step is optional in creating a pokeballs. Get three wooden balls and start painting your pokeballs. Why only three? It represents the starter type Pokemon fire, grass, and water.

Step 9: Assemble Your Box

After finishing your pokeballs you might notice that your poke balls are rolling around in your box. To stop the rolling add in a piece of cloth into the box. You can use a bandana, but deepening on the size of your box it might be too big or too small. Trim appropriately to size of the box.

Step 10: FINISH

After all the hard work you did, you are finally finish with your music box!