Introduction: Pokemon Wall Art

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I love pokemon. I loved the original animated series and I loved the games. The first game I ever owned was pokemon blue. Ill never forget the Christmas when santa brought me a blue gamboy color and the pokemon blue game. Im pretty sure I cried tears of joy. When I was younger I wanted somekind of pokemon art in my room but never got any to put up. So i finally decided to make my own.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Scroll or coping saw

paint or stain


wood glue

picture hanger


Step 2: Cutting Out the Pokemon

I used a scroll saw to cut these pieces out. I just downloaded silhouettes off the internet to use as a template. i wanted them pretty small so they are all under 3 inches.

The scroll saw blade can bend easily so its great for cutting the rounded shapes of the bodies. You need to be patiently and not push the wood through too hard other wise you will have a hard time cutting these out. Just be patient.

When most of the material was cut away I used the end of a pencil to help guide the piece the rest of the way. This was to make sure my fingers were safe from harm.

Step 3: Sanding

I used a dremel tool on a low setting to fine tune the shape of these pokemon. you could just do this by hand with normal sand paper as well.

After that i sanded the pieces up to 220 grit to get them nice and smooth.

Step 4: Stain

I used maple wood for squirtle and bulbasaur so I could stain them the proper colors. I got these colors from Home depot in the paint and stain section.

Step 5: Attaching the Pokemon to the Wood

I used a piece of walnut as the backing board to give the colorful pokemon a nice contrasting background. Be careful not too use too much glue other wise there will be excess glue you will have to clean out. I used a piece of tape to try to line up the pieces the best I could.

Once the glue dried I finished it with spray lacqure and put a picture hanger on the back.

Overall I loved how this wall art came out!

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