Introduction: Pokemon X Y (And OrAs) Guides and Tips

Heyo! This is my instructable on some tips for Pokemon X and Y. I recently updated this instructable to include Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! Hope you enjoy it!

If you don't want to go through the X and Y guides,

Step 1: Box Organization

I have a certain way to organize my pokemon.

Step 2: Leveling Up

I level up my pokemon by taking my gardevoir and my other pokemon and one shotting every wild pokemon.

Step 3: The Best Route Ever

My favorite route is route seven because of the daycare center, the berry fields, and Battle Chateau.

Step 4: Breeding

To breed, you use two pokemon of different genders and pokemon of the same egg group and leave them at the daycare to get eggs. To get the egg, talk to the guy I circled. To get your first egg, it will take about three through five ups and downs around route seven before you get an egg. I use my bike and go up and down route seven to hatch it. It also helps by using a pokemon with the ability flame body because when you have a pokemon with you with that ability, it would shorten the step needed to hatch an egg. For example, if an egg took 10,000 steps to hatch, with the flame body pokemon, it would only be 5,000. The pokemon I use to hatch my eggs is a Lvl. 41 female Magcargo.

Step 5: Super Training

You can get to the super training area by clicking the R button on your 3ds. My favorite bag is the double up bag. It can be used to double the amount of points (or whatever they are) that your pokemon gets when they complete a super training regimen.

Step 6: ORAS Beginning

Step 7: Before You Go

Here are some pictures I've drawn on my new pokemon art academy game.

Pic 1: Cleocatra. This is a pokemon I have made up, and I think it's really cool.

Pic 2: Gardevoir. This is my favorite drawing out of these five.

Pic 3: Bellossom.

Pic 4: Chimecho.

Pic 5: Gardevoir EX.

Step 8: That's All for Now, Folks

I hope you liked this instructable! I'm sorry if there are some things that you need help with that aren't in this instructable. I might be updating this instructable, so if you would like to see tips or guides on something, then put it in the comments, and it might be included. Thanks so much!