Introduction: Poker Card Game Helper 9E J05159 黃少璿

Maybe you have a few moments of free time or it is game night, You ask over a couple of friends or family, and wonder what you should play hmm…… How about poker cards there is “Big Two,” “Go Fish,” “Chinese Poker,” and more. However, have you ever have the time that you suddenly lose track of whose turn it is? With this simple Arduino project, you won’t ever have this problem again. Interested? Let's get right to it!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

For this Arduino project, there isn’t much needed just a couple of things listed below

(Links for the items will be listed

  1. Arduino Leonardo/Arduino Uno x1Source
  2. Breadboardx1Source
  3. Jumper Wires (based on your need)Source
  4. Stepper Motor x1Source
  5. Push Button x1 (any push button is fine)Source
  6. 10kΩ Resistor x1Source
  7. Box(any size that suits you)
  8. A pack of poker cards
  9. Scissors/Glue

Step 2: Step 2: Circuit

Connect the jumper wires to each point as the picture shows above

  1. Stepper motor: Connect positive to 5V, negative to GND, and IN1 to D pin(6), IN2 to D pin(5), IN3 to D pin(4), IN4 to D pin(3)
  2. Push button: Connect to D pin(2), positive to 5V, having the resistor in between negative which is connected to GND and the push button

Step 3: Step 3: Design

For this project, I have a box to hold the Arduino. However, The size of the box doesn't matter(as long as it is bigger than the Arduino itself) Other than that the box will be using the poker card box.

  1. Design for the card cut out: The box to hold the Arduino consists of a cut out dedicated to putting cards, therefore, it is easier for storage. For this cutout, It would only need the poker card box. Simply sketch the poker box on the main box holding the Arduino and cut it out. Afterward, cut the sides of the poker box and use glue to stick it with the poker box and at last attach it with the main box.
  2. Design for the stepper motor: The second cut out would be for the stepper motor, in order to fit it, again, simply take a pencil and draw the outline of the motor, after that, take the scissors and cut it out.
  3. Design For the Button: Like the previous two, do the same thing for the button too. Again draw the outline of the button and cut it. The place for the button is placed on the opposite side of the motor, However, it could change according to your personal preferences
  4. Design for the box: At the end, after all the cut out is done, place the Arduino in and try running it. If it works great! Close the box and let’s start the decoration. For me, I have a fairly simple box. So, for my decoration, I chose to have cards on it there for making the box more fun. However, the decoration could change according to personal preferences.

Step 4: Step 4: Code

      Step 5: Step 5: Finished

      Congrats! you finished this simple project Now you can enjoy these card games with your beautiful work and never forgetting whose turn it is during the game.Have fun!