Introduction: Poker Trick Revealed! Impress Your Friends! One Hand Cut. - DIY -

Learn one-handed cut. This might take some practice to learn, but it'll be worth it when you casually shuffle and cut a deck of cards with one hand while sorting your chips with the other. It's also great for those interested in astonishing friends with amazing card tricks

Step 1: Hold the Deck...

Hold the deck in one hand thumb on one long side, and ring and middle fingers on the other long side. your pointer and pinky fingers are each on the short sides. Thumb should be closest to you.

Step 2: Shuffle the Cards.

Slightly loosen your grip of the cards on your thumb. About half the deck should fall and you'll be holding a side-ways V-shape. Sink the edge of the card as far down into your hand as you possibly can.

Step 3: Take Your Pointer Finger Off the Cards...

Take your pointer finger off the cards and push the bottom half of thv V across so it is pretty much parrallel to your thumb. Place your pointer back where it was on the cards.

Step 4: Loosen the Grip...

Loosen the grip on your middle and ring fingers. also, have yout thumb lock around the top of the cards that are vertical and pull them back just enough so the other half of the pack begins to slide down. (if needed loosen your grip on pointer and pinky a little bit)

Step 5: Slam...

Slam the 2 halves together like you would shut a book with one hand.

Step 6: Speed Isn't That Important...

Practice learning how to hold your hand at the right angle at the right time so as to balance the cards rather than gripping them. Wherever possible, let gravity do the work.

Practice while sitting watching TV or reading a book, and idly manipulating the deck as you do so.
It takes considerable practice to get really smooth and consistent at these techniques. If you're aiming at that, try to focus on making each step smooth and easily repeatable.

Speed isn't that important.

Do not assume that it is impossible to do this because your hand simply isn't big enough. It takes practice and perseverance to learn how to make space in your hand.