Introduction: Polar Bear Crochet

A polar bear crochet! Perfect for this summer vacation.

The diameter of this polar bear is about 11 cm wide.

Fun Fact - Doing crochet, you can make as many mistakes as you can, because you can always pull the yarn, deleting your errors!

Step 1: Materials

- Black White Pink Yarn (Pink Yarn is Optional)

- Polyester Fiber (For Stuffing the Bear)

- Scissors - Crochet Hook

- Big Eye Needle (For Sewing Things Together)

- Sewing Pin (Making it easier when sewing it all together, but it’s optional)

Step 2: 3 Types of Things When Doing Crochet (Videos Showing How to Do)

X - X, is used for making things just straight. Basic one. (Going through once in a hole)

V - V, is for making it bigger, expand (Use at the beginning) (Going through twice in a hole)

A - A, is for making it smaller (Use at the end) (Going in one hole, and then other, then finish it at once. (It will have 3 white yarns on the crochet hook)

Step 3: The Patterns the Head of Polar Bear

(For example, if it’s 2xv, meaning you make 2 X, then a V)

Rows Pattern

1 6x

2 6v

3 xv

4 2xv

5 3xv

6 4xv

7 5xv

8 6xv

9 7xv

10 8xv

11-13 x (4 rows of only Xs)

14 8xa

15 7xa

16 6xa

17 5xa

18 4xa

19 3xa

20 2xa

21 xa

22 a (Keep Doing A until the hole is very small)

Step 4: How to Start Crochets

Make a loop, and doing an action like an X 2 times. Then go through the loop we made and make 6x.

(This step counts as 6x, or the first row)

Step 5: Trick (Check Point) & Second Row

The Check Point Helps You to see that you finished one row, so that you could change the pattern on the next row.

Step 6: The Finish Work of V Section (Row 1-10)

Step 7: The Finish Work of X Section (Row 11-13)

Step 8: Stuffing the Polyester Fiber

When you reach a point that the hole is very small, start putting in the Polyester Fiber in. Put in a lot until the shape looks like a ball.

Step 9: How to End Crochet

After repeating A until the hole is very small, cut the yarn at a spot that you think is enough to sew up to the top then back to the bottom. Then use the big eye needle to go up to the top, then the bottom to hide the yarn.

Step 10: The Patterns for the Polar Bear’s Ear

Repeat this twice to make 2 eyes for both sides

Rows Patterns

1 6x

2 6v

3-4 X (2 Rows of Only X)

Note: After 2 rows of x, there will still be a hole unlike the head of the bear. It is okay because we will sew them with the head.

Step 11: The Patterns of the Polar Bear’s Snout

Rows Pattern

1 6x

2 6v

3 x

Note: There will be an edge going out at the end, it’s okay, we will hide them to make it look like a circle when sewing.

Step 12: How to Sew Them Together

(Note - This video is very long, I didn’t edit. So you don’t have to watch them till the end, or just speed it up)

In this step, you will use the big eye needle then sew back and forth between the head and the ear.

Repeat it with the other ear and the snout

Step 13: With 2 Ears Connected

Step 14: With the Snout

Step 15: Adding Details

In this step, I use the black yarn and the big eye needle, going back and forth forming a circle and make a line going down there. Then I will add the eyes next to the snout and some pink cheeks on the side. It’s okay if you don’t have pink, it’s optional