Introduction: Polaris Brutus Intake Fix for Snow

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The Polaris Brutus (aka Bobcat 3600) is a versatile diesel UTV which accepts several attachments for snow cleanup, including a plow, snowblower, and ice melt spreader.

It also has a common issue where heavy wet snow will clog the engine air intake behind the drivers door. Snow collects on the fine mesh filter of this intake, reducing engine power and eventually causing the diesel engine to stall.

Step 1: Two Approaches to Eliminating Snow on the Intake

In researching this problem, I found that the Polaris Ranger 900 has the same issue with snow.

Some Ranger owners chose to remove the rigid PVC tubing connecting the side vent to the air intake, and either leave it open inside the cab, or install a Ranger 800 intake baffle behind the seat. I chose to use the intake baffle from the 800.

For this project you will need the following:

  • Torx T40 driver bit
  • Torx T20 screwdriver with a long skinny shank, magnetized tip

And one of the following:

  • Polaris kit "SVC,INTAKE,SNOW,TTN" Part # 2205192


  • 2 pieces of black nylon fabric (window screen, old socks, etc)
  • 2 cable ties

Step 2: Remove the Driver's Seat Back and Loosen the Hose Clamp Below the Seat

To get at the air intake, you will need to remove the driver's seatback.

  1. Using the power control or manual lift, raise the cargo box to the fully open position
  2. If you examine the rear panel of the cab from the outside. you will see two rubber plugs behind the driver's seat. Remove both plugs
  3. Behind each plug you will find a screw. use the T20 screwdriver to remove each of these 2 screws.
  4. With the screws removed, you can lift off the driver's seat back cushion and remove it
  5. Loosen the metal hose clamp below the driver's seat and wiggle the bottom of the air intake connection free

Step 3: Remove the B-Pillar Plastic and the Intake Tube

Now that the intake is loose, you can remove the plastic cover over the outside of the B-pillar and disconnect the tube entirely.

This will require using the T40 driver, there are also several plastic push nuts holding the cover in plac

  1. Remove the T40 screws holding the driver's safety bar to the frame
  2. Remove the B-Pillar plastic cover
  3. Remove the hose clamp, at the B-Pillar
  4. Disconnect the air intake tube entirely
  5. Stuff the inside of the B-pillar intake with foam or nylon material
  6. Cap it off with nylon or the included plug. I used a layer of tape to secure the plug to the collar (white material in image above)
  7. You can now re-install the B-Pillar

Step 4: Install Vent Cover Behind Driver's Seat

If you purchased the kit, it comes with a plastic "intake box" and a large rectangular piece of foam.

  1. Carefully stuff the foam into the intake box. It may seem too big to fit, just keep compressing the foam until it does
  2. Install the kit over the air intake opening below the driver's seat
  3. Tighten the hose clamps

Or, if you did not purchase the kit,

  1. use your nylon fabric to cover the intake opening
  2. secure the nylon over the opening using a cable tie.

Note: While I faced the foam side of the baffle towards the rear (for noise reduction), it should fit in either direction

Step 5: Reinstall Driver's Seat Back

Re-install the driver's seat, attach T20 screws, and install rubber plugs

Lower the cargo box

Start 'er up!

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