Polished Concrete Ukulele Stand With Colour Change Fibre Optic Lights and Sugru Feet

Introduction: Polished Concrete Ukulele Stand With Colour Change Fibre Optic Lights and Sugru Feet

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For a full instructable start HERE and do plenty of research before doing a concrete casting.

I wanted to have a ukulele on display in my little girls bedroom but had nothing to stand it on so this is what I came up with, the added bonus is the fibre optics that hopefully will help her get to sleep

To see more work click HERE

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Step 1: Remember These?

I took one these old UFO fibre optic fountain lights to bits got rid of the bits i didn't want and ended up with (pic 2) which then I integrated into a box to be mounted on the back.
When you decide where you want your lights to go drill as many holes as possible, the more the better, I just put mine in a random order in this one and left loads loose in the mould to create a flowing look

Step 2:

When I did the pour this time I used 2 separate mixes with different dyes in 1 black and 1 red, I also left cracks (veins) intentionally and then filled them with a cement slurry with red dye in to exaggerate them when I took it out the mould, and thats it then followed the normal polishing procedure.

Step 3: Finish Off and Seal

To finish this off I used Sugru for the feet to stop it from damaging the furniture and im going to finish it off with Thompsons wet look concrete seal, if you have any questions feel free to ask

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