Introduction: Polishing Boots

This is my first Instructable..Be nice :P

Firstly, you will need a few things;
A Pair Of Drill Boots/Combat Boots.
Three Pots Of Kiwi Black Shoe Polish.
A Marker Pen.
A Pair Of Tights.
A Pack Of Cotton wool.
Scotch Bright.
A Tub Of Brasso.
A Tap that runs water.

Step 1: Kit Prep

First: Get your Tights and roll them into a ball, so that they are around fist size, or smaller! And are compact, tie a knot in the end so it will stay like that.
-Take all 3 Tubs of Polish. Label them, on the bottom of the Tub. With these Labels.
-- Tub one 'Layering Polish'
--- Tub two 'Bulling Polish'
---- Tub three 'Water-bulling Polish'
This way, you use the polishes for what they say, so that you don't get the polish dirty and it won't scratch your boots. Which is what you do not want!
If at any time throughout polishing your boots you find that you keep getting scratches, and you are using clean cotton wool and can't find a reason, use a new tub of polish. Its likely you'll have grit in the polish scratching your boots.

Then, get your boots. If you were issued them and they are already in a bad way, take all the polish off of them. Using Scotch Bright. Just gently rub the scotch bright over the toecaps and the heel and it will peel all the polish off, I recommened doing this out of your mums kitchen! Try not to use chemicals such as nail varnish remover as this can damage the leather and make them less waterproof.

Once you have done that just rub the boots down with some plain cotton wool, so that they are soft. If they are a little rough, then scotch bright them gently again. If it is the leather that is damaged, its out of your hands. Try and exchange the boots. Or do the best you can with it.

Step 2: Layering

Now, once you have a basic pair of boots. No polish on them. You are ready.

Take your 'layering' polish and your boots.
Using your fingers dip them into the polish, get a fair amount. NOT a massive chunk, just a little lump on your finger, and rub it into the toe cap of your boot, rub the polish in until it starts to rub your finger, (You'll notice when the polish is rubbed in, it'll start going rough) at this stage, get a lil more polish, and repeat. Do this for one or two layers, then do the heel of that boot.

After doing the first boot, repeat all of the above with the second boot.

Now, once you have done both boots. Check the first is dry, it is likely it will be. If that is the case then repeat the above steps.
You should do this with your boots using a whole tub of polish, between the two boots before you even think of bulling them!
This will give you the perfect mirror shine.  Just sit back and watch a film and layer layer layer.

- Make sure that before you apply another layer, the previous layer has dried on.
- Make Sure you are rubbing the polish in, and not just leaving it sat on the top of the boot.
- You are applying a reasonable amount, not just throwing loads on to make you use the tub quicker!

Step 3: Bulling

Once you have applied enough layers, minimum one tub between the two boots, you are ready to begin the initial shine.

Apply one more layer and allow it to dry, after it has dried take your tights and rub them across the toecaps and the heel, this should bring a basic shine to the boots.

After that take a glass of water, not your mothers best glass, just a tiny one, or a little pot.

Concurrently take a ball of cotton wool, make sure it is not the rough stuff, but the soft stuff!
And also take your "Bulling" pot of polish.
Now, you've got all the equipment, take your first boot.

Rub your ball of cotton wool into the polish, you DO NOT need a massive amount, just so the cotton wool has some on it, a tiny little amount. Then dip it into the water, squeeze the ball so it is not dripping wet, then begin with the circle motions on your boots rubbing the polish in.

Whenever you feel that it is getting rough again, it means you have ran out of polish. If you wool or the boot is still wet, just apply a little more polish and continue, if it is no longer wet, then dip it into the water again.
And continue this for the toecap and heel of both boots.

Do this about 5-10times on each boot, begin to use less polish each time!
Now, your boots should have a fairly good shine on them.

To bring this shine to the next level, you need to waterbull them.

Step 4: Waterbulling

Take your boot, and your water bulling polish, and a fresh piece of cotton wool and a kitchen sink.. Make sure you DO NOT scratch the boot against the sink, it'll stain it with polish..

Put your hand in the boot, and turn the cold tap on.
Take your cotton wool, and rub it into the polish, ever so slightly. You literally need just a tiny grey smudge on the boots. 
Now. holding your boot under the water, constantly whilst you do this.
Take the wool and rub it around the toecap.

Point to note
Constantly check the cotton wool, if it has any little polish marks (Other than what you put on there) Little dots or chippings, then wash the wool out under the water, if this doesn't remove them, get a fresh piece.
These little grit bits will scratch your boot!

Continue the final step until your boots have an acceptable shine, if they are not shining as well as you want, it is one of the below reasons;
- They haven't enough layers.
- You need to bull more first.
- You have dirty polish.

But once they have that acceptable shine. Then you need to run over them with just a clean piece of cotton wool and holding them under the water, just to rub in the final polish.
After that is done, take the boot out of the proximity of the tap..
Alternatively, just turn the tap off!
And then blow all the specks of water off the toecap and heel! So they do not mark and smudge your boot!

Step 5: Some Hints and Tips

If you have a little dent on your boot, not a massive indentation. Just a little scratch, then take some brasso. (Not Silvo) and dap a bit on the end of your cotton wool or use your fingers, and rub this around the dent, it should even out the polish.
You should then leave it dry, layer and waterbull. Don't worry too much about the bulling if there was a acceptable shine before the dent!

If you have a crack in your boot, or the heat has melted them or they have a larger dent, that the brasso will not correct. Then you need to scotch bright the boot down (Not down to the leather) Just down so it is smooth again, then continue to layer up again, bull and waterbull!

You should polish your boots after every time of wearing them,
If after you take them off, or the day after just apply a layer, bull and waterbull. Then they will eventually be sparkling as you are continuously adding layers!