Introduction: Politics Trivial

-Paperboard / box

-Colored cardboard





Step 1: Draw the Board

First draw a big circle on a paperboard or in a box that will be the board.

Step 2: Cut the Board

Then cut the circle with a cutter that is much easier that with scissors.

Step 3: Make Two Circles

Next make two circles like is shown on the image.

Step 4: Make the Boxes

Then make the boxes and color them alternating the colors blue, red, yellow and purple. You also have to paint the left over part in black and the centre circle with white.

Step 5: Do the Cards

Then you have to do the cards. Cut green cardboard (6 cards 8 cm x 10 cm) and red paper (5 cards 7 cm x 5 cm). In the green ones you have to write questions of the legislative power (with blue), judicial power (with red) and executive power (with yellow). In the red ones you have to write a benefit ( like... you roll the dice twice etc). In the images we give you some examples.

Step 6: Add the Electric System

Next you need to make and add the electric system. You need a button, cables, a battery and a light. The button and the light need to be avobe of the board meanwhile the cables and the battery need to be below it.

Step 7: Make the Point Counters and Scoreboard

Then make a circle of the color you prefer of 3,5 cm of radium that will be the scoreboard. Next you have to make 12 circles 4 of each color (red, yellow and blue) of 1,5 cm radium that will be the point counters.

Step 8: Do the Characters

Next you have to do the characters. The characters can be lego pieces or characters of any game you want to use.

Step 9: Print the Instructions

Finnaly you need to print the instructions to know how to play.