Introduction: Polka Dot Headbands

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Channel Taylor Swift with this cute polka dot hair accessory! This must-have accessory is totally "spot-on"!

Step 1: Materials

To make these, you will need the following items:

  • measuring tape
  • an old white t-shirt
  • scissors
  • foam brush
  • fabric paint
  • pencil with an eraser

Step 2: Take Measurements

To begin, wrap the measuring tape around your head, exactly where you want the headband to go, then write down the measurement. From there, add an additional 12" to that number, so you'll have extra fabric at the ends to tie and tuck under.

Step 3: Cut T-Shirt

Using that actual measurement for length, cut the T-shirt to a 3-inch wide strip.

Step 4: Paint Fabric

Now, grab your foam brush and choose your favorite color to paint the fabric with, on both sides and let dry.

Step 5: Add Polka Dots

After the paint has dried, you're now going to make a polka dot pattern, by pouring on some white fabric paint, dipping the eraser end of your pencil into it, and making the simple pattern all over the fabric. Continue until the whole strip is covered, and let dry.

Step 6: Tie It On

Tie the headband into a double knot at the center. You want to make sure that the polka dot pattern is facing out. Tuck the loose ends of the fabric underneath the headband.

Step 7: Done!

This 50s styled accesory had just returned! This is the perfect classic hair accesory for little girls and for teenage girls. Even grown women can wear this stylish piece.Just make sure the fabric is long enough to fit around your head!

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