Polorid Cube Hat & Neckalce

Introduction: Polorid Cube Hat & Neckalce

There are 2 cool new camera's out. the Polaroid Cube and GoPro Hero Session. Both cameras are the same size square cubes, and for the record the Polaroid one has been out longer. I picked up the Polaroid Cube because of the price and it seem like something I could fit anywhere. One main difference between the cube and Session is the Cube has a magnet mount on the bottom. Both the hat and necklace exploit the magnet to make the mounting quick and easy.

Step 1: Hat Mount

The Cube fits well on the bill of a hat. having it head mounted keeps the camera stable. For everyday use like the zoo, airports, and low activity events this works great and is much less obtrusive then a traditional GoPro on a head strap. the The hat simply has a washer sewn on it.

Step 2: Necklace Mount

This is the main reason I got the camera because I thought I could make it into an unobtrusive necklace for my fiancee on our honeymoon. It doesn't seem like it will work very well for this, mostly because she says its silly and wont wear it. Also, when on the necklace the camera seems to bounce around a lot, and when its resting on boobs it wont point the right direction.

It took a couple of trys to get the camera to stick to a necklace. it will stick to a nut from the hardware store but if I jump it will fall off. I ended up using small magnets with holes in them to make it work. I threaded the magnets with the beads. You can see them on both sides of the blue an red flat beads. This method uses 4 magnets and it has several points of contact.

The magnets were a little hard to align correctly. I had to get the polarity right so that the 2 beads don't want to stick to each other but still stick to the camera. Right now when the camera is off the necklace the magnet beads repel each other so its doesn't look funny. When the camera is on the necklace it stays attached when walking steps and stuff.

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