Introduction: Poly-Hydro-Wind Mill

I believe that to truly impact the community we need to develop ideas and projects that can be spread and understood easily by diverse crowds. This would enable easy implementation by a larger part of our society. The Poly-Hydro-Wind mill repurposes Plastic into a DIY project that people could make using waste plastic containers. The Poly-Hydro-Wind Mill would generate electricity by harnessing wind and rainwater energy. Simultaneously, it will harvest rainwater in a detachable base. This project generated free renewable energy to recharge batteries, light-up your house with Diwali Decorations and store rainwater that could be used to water plants and provide water for birds to drink. I have worked on several projects but I feel this one to be the most impactful as it didn't require any rocket science to make. The easy implementation allows it to have a wider impact on the community and have a further reach to create awareness. I designed my project over a course of two days and constructed it in one day. This simple project has great significance as it allows children to apply their science knowledge while reducing electricity costs, decreasing your chores(watering your plants!), using waste plastic that would usually end up in landfills and help creatures by providing water to drink.

Before you read the steps I strongly recommend going through the video, this will help to create a clear picture on what the final outcome will be.

So let's get on building this 3 in 1 beast!


For this project you would require:

  • Glue Gun
  • 6 Plastic Teaspoon's
  • A DC motor
  • Two Jumper wires
  • Battery holder or LED
  • A box
  • A knife and heat source
  • Waste thermocol
  • A plastic bottle
  • 5 straws
  • Soldering machine
  • Marker pen
  • 15 cm Ruler
  • Strong Adhesive(Feviquick, Dendrite)

Step 1: Preparing the Turbine

You would need the plastic bottle cap here along with the teaspoons and the glue gun.

  1. Start by sticking one teaspoon to the cap and continue attaching the teaspoons one by one. Make sure the orientation of all the teaspoons are right as shown in the picture.
  2. You could mark symmetrical points with a pencil on the cap to ensure the opposite teaspoons remain in a line. I drew a hexagon with equal sides on the round cap to give me 6 points on the cap.

Now you are done with the Turbine!

Please refer to the pictures.

Step 2: Making the Base

For the detachable base you would require the thermocol sheet, a hot knife(heat over stove), a plastic box, and 5 straws. To cut all the thermocol pieces use the hot knife to avoid mess (Make sure to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the gas)

  • Start by taking your half cut plastic bottle and keep it on the thermocol sheet. Use a marker and draw out a circle. Now cut the circle out making sure that the bottle will fit through.
  • Then measure the height of your turbine teaspoon and add 10 centimeter to it. Use the obtained length to cut out a rectangular piece surrounding the circle you had just cut. Keep the width 2 cm greater than the circle on both sides.
  • Now cut another piece with the same length and make a small semicircle using a marker. This will support the bottle neck. Make sure they are of the same radius.
  • After this cut a rectangular part of the plastic box. This hollow container will act as a water storage facility and provide stability to the machine.
  • Then glue gun the thermocol pieces to the container making sure that the gap is enough for the bottle to fit.
  • Finally, use a nail to make some holes on the back of the container through which the straws can fit. Make the hole 0.5 cm below the top of your container.

Now you have finished making the base!!!

Look through all the pictures.

Step 3: The Bottle

Now for this last step you would need the empty half cut bottle, a DC motor, two jumper wires, a soldering machine, thermocol sheet, glue gun and the Turbine(made in Step 1).

  1. Solder the two jumper wires onto the DC motor. (Do under Adult Supervision only)
  2. Fit the DC motor through the bottle opening and use a glue gun to stick it in position as shown in the picture above.
  3. Take the thermocol sheet and make a circle with the radius of the bottle base plus another centimeter. Cut it out. This will act as a cap for the base and also a stand for the Wind Mill. I made an octagon partially cause I am real bad at cutting stuff ; )
  4. If you want you may solder the jumper wires to a rechargeable battery holder or you could attach an LED, Lamp, etc.
  5. Finally make a small hole in the turbine cap and fit the motor axle through it. Use a strong adhesive to stick them together.

Please Refer to the attached pictures and the video to get an idea of the whole project.

I hope together we could change the world and make it sustainable :)

Feel free to ask questions I will get back to you within a week.

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