Introduction: Polygon Paper Egg and Spheres

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This is my first instructable. Today I'll show you how to model a geometric approximation of a 12 segment egg and 8/12 segment spheres.
Imagine you cut a round fruit (grapefruit, melon...etc) into quarter, eights, twelves and so on... Each piece has a seckle shape. It's the same method I used for this project. From a book for technical drafts(wo)men I've found out how to convert it into a geometric shape.  

Geometry was my favourite subject in the school, it's one of many methods to express aesthetics of shapes and forms.
I'll try  to explain as easy as possible how to create this model.
For the spheres there are for each 2 possibilities how to craft. The first one is the segment method but I wonder how to glue the last segment. The glueing points are unreachable. The other one is to divide the segments into two halfs to ease glueing and increase stability. For this instructable I have chosen the 2nd method.

Let's get started 

Step 1: Step1

What you need:
- PDF-Reader (e.g. Acrobat Reader)
- a homeprinter
- scissors, glue
- a bit patience, creativity and skill

Step 2: Download the Crease Pattern

Download the crease pattern and print it out.
As in the pdf described:
-the red lines are valley folds and the black ones cutting edges
-the flaps are glueing areas

Step 3: Cut, Fold and Glue

You need a little bit patience to cut these 'flowers'. It should look like these in the screenshots.
Then you fold the 'blossoms' through the folding lines and bring them to the center and glue them together.  

Step 4: The Result

Then you should get two halfs of an ellipsoid and a sphere like shown in the pic.
Glue the two halfs an you get something that looks like an egg.

Happy crafting!