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Introduction: PolygonWildJewelry - Geometrical and Minimalist Acrylic Jewelry

About: I like spending time in different Fablabs, discovering amazing materials, machines and projects!

Here is 2 earing and 1 necklace made with acrylic and silver, I created these jewerly first of all as a gift for my girlfriend and then I got caught up in the game and ended up creating a small collection with different geometric shapes. Feel free to create your own shapes and share!

If you want to dicover other jewerly shapes, do not hesitate to visit my Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/ca-fr/shop/PolygonWildJewelr...

Thanks and hope you will enjoy !

Step 1: Lasercut Shape

I used the Trotec Speedy 300 x2 laser cutting machine in a Fablab in Montreal, with a 3mm acrylic sheet. I used this material because it is strong and light, but you use cold wood if you prefer!

Here are the parameters used for cutting, but please make your own test with your lasercut machine and materials.

- v : 80
- p : 100
- f : 1000

Step 2: Add Earing Parts

Personnaly I created my own earing parts with a silver wire, but you could easly buy some in creative/DIY store for cheap. I recommand to use silver for higienic purpose.

Step 3: Box for Gift

I also bought small black box and engrave it with a logo I created,
it is a cheap way of personalize more and it is better for a gift :)

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    3 years ago

    Have you tried mirrored surfaces to laser cut and engrave? They come out really cool!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks :)
    The material was a little reflective, so for the cutting I did removed the protective film.
    I just did some cutting and no engraving.


    Question 3 years ago

    What type of linkages do you use to join the pieces you cut?


    Answer 3 years ago

    I cut the shapes with a laser then used a silver wire, folded and cut with pliers to create the metal part for the earrings! For the necklace I just bought a chain and silver rings.