Introduction: Polymer Bar Pendant

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This pendant is simple to make using only a few tools and a couple materials.

File divider
Polymer Clay
Drill & drill bit
Sand paper
Soldering paste
Silver solder
Heat source

Step 1: Another Use for a File Divider

Cut out the strip to a file divider. Use a pair of pliers to bend the end at 90 degrees. Make sure the bend is squarely bent.

Move down the metal strip until you reach your desired length. Bend both ends down at 90 degrees until you have a rectangle. Cut the free end as flush as you can to the pendant.

Step 2: Solder and Drill

Apply soldering pasted to the joint. Add a little piece of silver solder. Apply heat until it’s joined.

Place the rectangle back onto the pliers and use a punch to make a starting mark for the drill bit. Do this on both sides. Drill a hole and keep the drill bit handy.

Step 3: Polish

Wrap sand paper around a drill bit and spin it round. Use this improvised sander to polish the pendant. Use a buffing wheel to further polish.

Step 4: Fill and Bake

Fill the pendant with polymer clay. Place a plastic bag over the pendant and use a rolling pin to roll out the excess clay. Place the drill bit into the drilled hole while you fill it.

Bake the pendant following the instructions for the clay.