Introduction: Polymer Clay Hamburger

Tiny food sculpture that you can customize and carry in your pocket.

Made by Gabrielle holback.

Step 1: Gathering All of Your Materials!

First, you need to collect all of the materials you will be using. You will need five balls of clay; red, yellow, green, dark brown, and a light brown (I had pre-mixed mine, but feel free to experiment with other colors too). You will also need an exacto blade, a dotter tool, and a smoother tool.

Step 2: Hamburger Buns

To start off, take the light brown clay and rip off two pieces (approximately the size a small marble) and then roll them into 2 separate balls. Now flatten one into the shape of a patty, you can do this by applying your thumb gently on the top of the clay and pressing down, then smooth out your edges and set aside. Take the other small ball of clay and shape into half-circle or dome. After making the half-circle (dome) shape, there should be one round side and one flat side, smooth out edges and set aside with the other flattened piece. We just made the top and bottom bun of our hamburger!

Step 3: Hamburger Patty

Next, take your dark brown clay and rip off a piece and set the rest aside. Then roll into a small ball and press down into the shape of a patty, like we just did. Now grab the bottom bun that we previously made and stack the patty on top, and set aside.

Step 4: Cheese

Now take yellow clay, and roll out evenly. I made mine fairly thin, but the thickness is your choice. After the clay has been flattened out, use an exacto blade to cut out square - not much bigger than the patty. This is your cheese. Place it on top of your patty.

Step 5: Lettuce

Now, you are going to take the green clay and flatten out just like the yellow clay. They cut a green square out, and shape it to look less like a square and wrinkle the edges. You just made some lettuce, and now place on top of the cheese. Your burger should have the bottom bun, the patty, cheese and now the lettuce.

Step 6: Tomatoes

Now, roll the red clay flat. Cut out three circles (they can be the same or different sizes), I recommend cutting them thin. place slightly on top of each other but also staggered. Then place the tomatoes on top of the lettuce.

Step 7: Hamburger

Lastly, take the top hamburger bun and place it on top of the rest of the burger. Use the dotter tool to gently indent top bun, to resemble little sesame seeds. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 10 minutes, once its done let it cool. After, (optional) coat the hamburger using a clear coat varnish and let it dry completely. Now your hamburger is complete! Feel free to customize burger with your favorite toppings; bacon, eggs, onions, pickles and let your imagination run wild! Now you can slip it into your pocket and take it with you where you go!

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