Introduction: Polymer Clay Lollipop

It's a cute lollipop who wouldn't want one?
Watch my easy tutorial :)
Good luck!

Step 1: Tools

You will need:
-polymer clay colors (up to 6)
- translucent clay
- rolling tool
-X-acto knife
-straw or toothpick

Step 2: Colors

Roll out your COLORS into equal length and thickness

Step 3: Translucent Clay

Rollout your translucent clay into a thin sheet
And cut it into equal thin slices as shown

Step 4: Connect

Sandwich the pieces together the order doesn't matter and don't forget the translucent pieces in between

Step 5: Flatten

Flatten the pice you just made with the roller

Then cut the edges to make them straight

Step 6: Roll

Now this is the hard part you have to roll the pieces into a sausage basically roll until smoothed out and thin

Step 7: Twist

Twist the roll to give it that true lollipop look like shown ;)

Then start twisting the role into the actual lollipop shape

Step 8: Almost Done

Now you should have a top part of a lollipop

Step 9: Last Step

Stick the straw or tooth pick into the clay and your done all you have to do is bake it @ 275 degrees for 15 minutes and glaze it if you like

Hope this tutorial was helpful :)

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