Polymer Clay Mosaic Earrings




Introduction: Polymer Clay Mosaic Earrings

You can use any combination of colors you want I like three or four colors plus a "grout" color

you will need: a cutter (of any shape, I chose a heart)

a blade to chop

a pasta roller to make a consistent thin sheet for the grout

Step 1: Beginnig

Work your colored clay until it feels right and is not crumbly you can make a sausage shape or a rectangle and wrap the color with a thin layer of the grout color clay.

repeat the same steps with all of your individual colors

then place the colored bars next to each other and combine and lightly roll so that they become one big thick bar of multi colors

and wrap that multi color bar with grout as well.

Step 2: Middle

cut the big bundle of clay with a sharp blade

and cover one side with your grout colored clay before putting it back together

do this over and over until you have many cuts each put back together with Grout clay in between

Step 3: Almost the End

now carefully roll your big chunk into a smaller snake like shape so it reduces to the size that you think looks good.

slice a few pieces off the end of the snake, lay them out and cut your shape out of the clay.

I put two pieces together so that there is pattern on both sides of the earrings.

put a ring in the top of the shape before you bake it.

Bake the clay based upon the directions of the manufacturer

Step 4: The End

When it cools attache the earring hook onto your hear and tada... an earing, if you do two of them you will have a pair.

Step 5:

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    4 years ago

    I would think that when you slice the snake, it would already have the design on both sides. It would however be easier to put a jump ring brethren two layers (instead of trying to press it in without distorting the shape).