Polymer Clay Octopus




Introduction: Polymer Clay Octopus

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Bored with polymer clay? Here's something you may like.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Color clay of choice
White clay
Black clay
Dotting tool (I used a bobby pin)

Step 2: Make Head

Make an weird oval type shape this will be the head

Step 3: Make Tentacles

Make 8 curled snake shaped things but make sure that two of them are wrapped around a stick like in the picture

Step 4: Make Eyes

For this you just make a ball and put a hole in it with a dotting tool then put a black dot in the center (you could do it the other way around like I did) and repeat for the next eye then put it on the head

Step 5: Make Body

Add some clay to the bottom

Step 6: Add Tentacles

Connect at the bottom of head

Step 7: Put It in the Oven

Put it In the Oven For The Time Suggested On Package you are done with your octopus

If you like this tutorial please let me know in the comments and I'll make more tutorials like it

Step 8: Tip:

Put wire in the tentacles to make them stronger and if you don't be very careful because they are very fragile

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    awesome R
    awesome R

    7 years ago

    My octopus was made at night so the picture doesn't look to good

    awesome R
    awesome R

    7 years ago

    Lol ok you're welcome


    7 years ago

    Hey! Thanks so much for the tip. I was way younger when I made that! Lol!! Thanks again!

    awesome R
    awesome R

    7 years ago

    Sorry I accidentally hit "add step" that's why there's a step 8 with nothing on it