Introduction: Polymer Clay Shamrock Pin

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Here’s a little polymer clay pin that I designed last year and taught as a class. So just for you I’ll show you how to do it yourself!

You’ll need:

black polymer clay
translucent polymer clay (I used Lisa Pavelka Signature Art Clay by Viva Decor)
metal leaf (silver or gold is ok)
alcohol inks in yellow and green
mini heart-shaped cutter (found in the cake decorating aisle)
2 part epoxy resin (I like ICE Resin)
Pin back
“Super”-type glue (I like Poly Bonder by Lisa Pavelka)
Polymer clay tools such as an Xacto blade, tissue blade, acrylic roller

Condition and roll out your black clay to 1/8 inch thick cut a 2 ich square. Set aside

Step 1: Apply Gold Foil to Clay

Condition and roll out your translucent clay to about 1/8 inch thick. Lay a sheet of metal foil over the top and burnish lightly.

Step 2: Add Color to the Foil

Add a few drops of alcohol inks to the top of the foil. swirl around with a q-tip. Spritz with blending solution or rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Crackle

Stretch your foil slightly to get a "crackle" look. (Be careful- the alcohol can make the clay a little brittle.)

Step 4: Cut the Shapes

Cut 3 mini heart shapes using the mini-cutters and place on the black square to form your shamrock.With the tip or your tissue blade or craft knife, cut a “j” shape to be the stem & apply.

Step 5: Cure & Add Resin

Bake according to the directions on your clay package. Once it’s cured and cooled, mix up some ICE Resin (just a tablespoon will do, and you can coat 2-3 pins) Carefully apply a layer of ICE Resin to the top of the pin, covering the shamrock and background completely. Let this cure overnight. Add your pin back or bale the next day with some super glue & enjoy!

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