Introduction: Pom Pom Wreath , Ornaments and Giftwrap

Beautiful , fluffy pom pom wreath , ornaments and giftwrap


A pair of scissors
Googly eyes
Foam sheets .

Step 1: First Step

Cut the cardboard to a big circle to make wreath and cut this template

Step 2: Secand Step

I need a length of yarn and place it in the slot .
Then I am going to stand winding yarn around cardboard cut up and keep wrapping around then take the yarn that insert it in the slot and tie it .
Then start cutting the ends of yarn.
Whip the yarn off the template, fluff it and trim it because some of them might be a little big longer.

Step 3:

tie the pom pom with the cardboard circle and put your beautiful touch.
You can use the pom pom to make ornaments and giftwrap .
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