Introduction: Pomegranate Jello Cheese Cake

100 grams butter
250 grams digestive biscuit
3 Tablespoon condensed milk
75 grams whip cream powder
350 grams fresh cream
150 grams cream cheese
170 grams strawberries jello ( 3 cups )
1 pomegranate

Step 1:

First : Crash the biscuit to small peaces

Step 2:

Add the biscuit and the butter to the mixer an mix well

Step 3:

In a glass pan ( Pyrex ) put the mixture like a picture and put it in the freezer 15 min .

Step 4:

Second : Add all the second ingredient in the mixer and mix them together

Step 5:

To becomes creamy like the picture .

Step 6:

Add the cream mix over the biscuit and put them in the freezer again .

Step 7:

Make a jello as per the description come on its box ( With decreasing the amount of half a cup of water on the written description to becomes thick )

Step 8:

After one hour or when the cream comes frosty take it out from the freezer .

Step 9:

Pure the jello over the frosty cream .( If you like the pomegranate inside the jello put it in this step ) .

Step 10:

Return the pan inside the fridge

Step 11:

I used pomegranate on the top , you can use any fruit you like ( Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry,........)

Step 12:

Put the fruit over the jello

Step 13:


Step 14:

Put them in the fridge to comes the jello cohesive .

Step 15:

You can keep it in a fridge to one week .

Step 16: