Pomegranate+Hibiscus Shampoo



Introduction: Pomegranate+Hibiscus Shampoo

Make your own Anti-Dandruff shampoo in 2 minutes!

Hello friends I am Ajay from Banjarpalaya makerspace

I am showing you how to make Pomegranate+Hibiscus Shampoo. This helps make your hair dandruff free. There are only 5 to steps to make your own. I learnt this technique since it's a practice in our rural Indian village.


  1. Pomegranate leaves

  2. Hibiscus leaves

  3. coconut shell

  4. stone

Step 1: Pick Leaves

First pick the Pomegranate and Hibiscus leaves

Step 2: Wash the Leaves

Wash the Pomegranate+Hibiscus leaves using any available cleaner river water or tap water.

Step 3: Take the Stone for Grinding the Leaves

You need 2 stones for grinding the Pomegranate+Hibiscus leaves, one has to be small, which you hold in your hand to grind and the other has to have a flat base. Wash both the stones to clean off the dirt.

You can use the mixer grinder if you're indoors.

Step 4: Grind the Pomegranate Leaves

Put the leaves on a bigger piece of rock which has a rough surface and start rubbing the leaves such that they get crushed in between the two stones. You have to put some drops of water in between the grinding procedure.You'll obtain a greenish paste in the end,

Step 5: Grind Hibiscus Leaves

Then grind the Hibiscus leaves like the previous step.

Step 6: Mix the Pomegranate+Hibiscus Grained Paste

Mix the Pomegranate+Hibiscus grained paste in a coconut shell for an authentic look and it's ready to apply.

Step 7: Apply Shampoo to Head

Put the paste on the hair, and evenly spread it.

Step 8: Massage

Massage so that the paste reaches the scalp region.

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