Introduction: Pond Filter House

I have a goldfish pond in the back yard, and built a wooden structure to house the electrical, air pump, light timers and filter. After a few years the wooden structure was deteriorating and looked not-so-good. So, build a new one out of stone. Concrete blocks actually. Started with a level base of concrete 12" x 12" stepping stones, and started stacking the tumbled Belgian wall blocks from Menards. The wall blocks were given a dab of Liquid Nails construction adhesive in lieu of mortar. Where I had to cut the blocks for the doorway I used a 10" brick saw from Harbor Freight Tools.

After stacking the bricks to the desired height, I used Liquid Nails and concrete screws to attach wood 2x3's to the top and constructed a wooden frame for the roof. Then cedar shingles and a soldered copper cap to top it off. I made the rear roof section removable to have easy access to the electrical and timers, also put in a shelf to store misc pond supplies.

The front door is constructed from cedar planks and is the access to remove the filter for cleaning / servicing.

What I learned and would do differently next time: While the 12" x 12" base stones have been stable for several seasons and the filter house has not budged or settled, I would pour a small concrete slab if I was to do it again. I plan to build a tracked shelf for the filter that is on sliders - pulling the filter out the door sideways when full of water is not really a fun task.

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