Introduction: Pond Bottomless Observatory Tower

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I wanted to extend my pond wider but my space are limited. .sooo....why not build it upward? ?? what a challenge. ...

Step 1: What You Need?

I got this bowl from Ross yeah Ross they have great stuff there. ..some epoxy and a 20 dollar wet vac I bought from Walmart. ..

Step 2: Placing It

I choose an area where it fits the pond position the bowl upside-down I use two bricks to leverage the bowl where it have openings so your fish can have entrance

Step 3: The Hard Part...

vacuuming the air pockets so it can suck the water up into the sure not to stress you fish remove them it you have to. the wet vac hose in the bowl all the way to the top.. BE CAREFUL ELECTRICITY AND WATER DON'T GET ALONG. ..SOMETIMES. .. when done water should stay put...trials and error couples of tries but I did it...

Step 4: DONE Sit Back and Watch Them Have a Blast in Their New Home. ..

Step 5:


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