Pool Table Lights




Introduction: Pool Table Lights

Give your pool table personality and life with LED lights! This is fun and cool looking for your parties! The cost is low and you can have it done and ready to go in just a few minutes.

  • NOTE: My Dart Light project you see in one of the videos can be found at www.instructables.com/id/Dart-Light
  • NOTE 2: If you have a pool table that does not have the openings in the pockets that are needed to route the LED strips, you will have to find a different way to install on your table.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Install LED Strips

The LED strips have a sticky back. It's not very sticky or strong, but it is good enough to attach under your pool table's rails and won't mess up your felt.

  1. Start at the corner where your power cord will be connected and tuck the female end of one of your strips through the corner pocket hole so that the 1st LED is visible on the inside of the pocket against the rail like shown in the picture.
  2. Peel the back off from the LED strip as you go and stick the strip against and underneath the rail until you reach the next pocket.
    • NOTE: Don't worry about balls hitting and damaging your lights. It's not possible as they are far enough away under the rail!
  3. Feed the LED strip through this next pocket hole and from the under side, wrap the strip around the pocket and then feed it back through the other side of the pocket to the top of the table.
  4. Continue sticking the LED strip under the rail and through/around pockets until you run out of LED strip.
  5. Now connect the female end of LED strip 2 to the end of the first LED strip you just installed. (Ensure this connection is below the pool table and not visible on top where the rails are.)
  6. Continue sticking the second LED strip under rails and through pockets until you final finish at the corner where you started.
  7. Here you will probably have a few feet of extra LED strip. Tape up this extra LED strip under the table to keep it hidden from view.
  8. Finally, plug the LED Strip 2 that you just finished into the RGBWW Sound Activated Controller and connect your power supply.
  9. You're finished. Turn off the room lights, turn on some music, turn on your pool table LEDs and play!
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    6 years ago

    Looks great, but I'm sure it would remove the enjoyment of the game for people who really like it. The lights would be shining directly into the shooter's eyes, making play difficult, or so it seems.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you! I am a serious league player who has competed nationally and for me, this doesn't remove enjoyment of the game. When I'm practicing and playing serious, I turn the lights off. When it's time to have some not so serious fun, say like during a party, I turn the lights on. When not playing at all, it's nice to turn them on also to simply add to the atmosphere of the room. The brightness doesn't shine directly into my eyes when I play with them on, but if someone were affected like that, the brightness of the lights can be lowered via the remote.