Introduction: How to Make a Pool Table (6 Steps)

Here is a design of a basic pool table that you play pool on. It has been designed with Tinkercad and is really easy to make.

Step 1: The Table

Drag a green roof onto the workplane and flatten it, getting rid of the bump in the middle. Once that's done, lift it up a bit from the workplane, creating a shadow.

Step 2: The Table Legs

Grab a chicken feet from the characters selection and change the colour to brown. Place it onto the workplane underneath the table one edge of the table. Push the toes in so the chicken feet look more like table legs than chicken feet. Repeat this 3 more times for the remaining edges. After that, group the elements and make sure the multicolour setting is turned on.

Step 3: Table Edges

It's time to start working on the table edges. Grab a roof and place it on top of the table top on one of the edges. Change the colour of it from green to white. Flatten it almost completely until the bump is blended into it. Repeat this 3 more times on the remaining table top edges. Make sure to group the elements and turn the multicolour setting on.

Step 4: Filling in the Gaps

It's time to fill in the gaps between the table legs. Grab a box, change the colour to brown and drag it onto the workplane. Place it underneath the table top and between the table legs. Shrink it a little bit so it fits. Repeat this 3 more times to the remaining gaps. Make sure that the legs peak out. Group the elements once again and turn on the multicolour setting.

Step 5: Pool Holes

It's now time to add the hole which the balls go in. Grab a cylinder hole and drag it onto the workplane. Place it onto the table top and flatten it until it look like one basic hole.

Step 6: Play Around and Finish

Play around with the pool table filling in any gaps or any uneven placement until you are happy with it. And now it is complete! Enjoy your game of pool...