Introduction: Pool Water Guns

Its been a hot summer! Decided to make a couple water guns to have in the pool. still a work in progress, want to somehow incorporate triggers so dont have to be on all the time. i didnt want to put big bulky valves in. maybe someone can help me come up with an idea!

EDIT: I found this on Its not my original image so i'll just leave the link instead of downloading and uploading it:

Possible Trigger for guns!


- subOxygen

Step 1: Materials

everything you need for this:

- 2 x pop bottles (i used 1 Litre bottles for the guns)
- 1 x 2 Litre pop bottle (to keep 'T' joint floating in water)
- 30 feet of 3/8 inch clear garden hose?.. depends on your pool size i suppose, i just have a small pool.
- 5 x 3/8" barb to female garden hose fittings
- 1 x 3/8" Ball Valve
- 1 x 3/8" NPT 'T' 
- 5 x 3/8" NPT male thread to 3/8" barb
- Roll of T-Tape (teflon plumbers tape)
- from the liquor store when you buy a big bottle of liquor that has a little bottle attached to it, i used the little plastic piece that attaches the bottles.. instead of this you could use fishing line or some tape or something i'm sure.

I didn't use any clamps on the hoses since its outside and in the pool anyway, i doubt it would leak regardless. i didnt want to have metal floating and rusting in the pool.

Step 2: Tools

The tools I used was a small pair of channel locks and a drill to make holes in the bottom of the bottles.

Step 3: Lets Get Started!

excuse my terrible drawing skills but i couldn't fit a pic of it all in one shot unless it was just all piled onto each other. but you can get the idea, its pretty straight forward. 

so the first thing i did was make the attachment to hook up to your garden hose. i wanted to valve it off so it was nice and close to the pool so i wouldnt have to get out and walk to the side of the house just to turn on and off. so i made a short piece of hose, as you can see in the second and third pic..  that goes between the valve and the main hose.. i just put female garden hose to 3/8" barb on each end. in the valve i T-Taped on both sides a 3/8" NPT Male Thread to male garden hose.

Step 4: And Then...

so after you finish up to the valve, on the other end of the valve i made another piece of hose that would stretch to roughly the middle of the pool, use female garden hose to barb at one end to attach to the valve, then at the other end of that will go into the center of your PVC 'T' fitting. each fitting in the 'T' is the 3/8" NPT male to 3/8" Barb to plug your hose into. Each side will go all the way to a pop bottle which is used as your gun. at the end of the line you use the 3/8" barb to female garden hose fittings. the pop bottles them selves are almost like a male garden hose fitting.. so all i did was T-tape the pop bottle top and then screwed the garden hose fitting on.. 

you're almost there!

Step 5: Water Gun Hole!

i had some trouble doing this at first. I tried to heat up a nail and melt a hole through.. but the bottoms of these are really hard haha. i ended up using a really small drill bit and went in. i should have used an even smaller bit, but all is not lost.. pop bottles are cheap and i can try again haha. maybe try making one with multiple holes!!

then thats it! you just fire up your garden hose.. then open the valve and you're ready to do some pwnin'!

im trying to work out an easy trigger system. if someone has any thoughts on that, it would be greatly appreciated!


- subOxygen

EDIT: I found this on Its not my original image so i'll just leave the link instead of downloading and uploading it:

Possible Trigger for guns!