Pool and Spa Safe Fishing Floats




Introduction: Pool and Spa Safe Fishing Floats

So.. you have a pool or a Hot Tub and you also have a love of all things Tiki... then you know how neat glass fishing floats are...

Right? I know!

BUT they're made of glass and anyone who owns a pool or Spa can tell you glass and these things don't mix, hello stitches!

Step 1: Plastic... Fantastic!

So what's a fellah to do...

Well i found one of these in the thrift store the other day for $5.00. Made by a company called Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

They come in 2 different sizes and 6 different colors...

Step 2: Gut It!

So what you'll need...

1 Phillips Screwdriver
1 Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker
A lighter and Nylon Cord for the netting
Scissors, run and get a pair!

Start by removing the Screws around the middle of the Ball.

Once in the middle, remove the screws holding the aluminum cup to the shell and remove the cup. Now is a perfect time to clean the inside of the Ball too.

Once you're done reassemble the halves of the ball and reattach.

Step 3: The Second Most Fun Part...

Now get the Nylon Cord and tie up the netting.

There are a few great sites that show you the traditional ways to do it, but really it's up to you...




These two are my go-to site for the first two i made.

Step 4: The Most Fun Part!

Hang That Sucker Up!

Make a Mai-Tai and invite your friends over to sit in the tub!

Also, If you have any LED tea lights around, at night, unscrew the bottom and they fit in the ball!

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