Introduction: Pool House

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This was an unused corner of the backyard. I had to sledge hammer a huge cement pad. Then I dug out the footers.

Step 1: Add the Framework

Being a stay at home dad, I had to build this during the day when everyone else was at work. Those 8' long cedar posts were quite heavy!

Step 2: Siding

Put the siding on, made the screens, added the plywood to the roof, tar paper and shingles. I hired an electrician to do the electrical.

Step 3: Doors and Shutters

These I did not make (due to time restrictions), but I did design and install them. The doors are heavy, solid wood doors. The shutters are cedar as well. The siding is pine and a weather proof coating was put on over it.

Step 4: Atmosphere

Add the finishing touches to the inside and, wala, you've got yourself a pool house! The inside siding is also pine, stained three separate times for the perfect color. We used furniture from the house and only bought about four things (table, buffet, lamps and ceiling fans).

The reason I wound up building this myself was because the average of the three bids I got to build it (based on the plans I drew up) was over $40,000 USD! I wound up building and furnishing this for $18,000 USD and it took me a year and a half (including laying all the pavers by the way). Got all the necessary permits as well. Recently we had 90 mph winds and it withstood it without any problems. By the way, this is the first thing I have ever even tried to build in my life. I watched enough home improvement shows to gain the necessary knowledge and bounced a few questions off of a contractor friend as well. The building is 17' x 13'.

This is my first project I've uploaded to this site. Hope I didn't over do it.