Introduction: Poolside Tiki Bar

Tiki bar and deck added on to side of swimming pool deck.

Step 1: Building the Base

The base is built with 2x3 framing and covered with luan plywood.   The top is one piece of 4x8 MDF cut to an L shape.   The posts are 4x8 rough cut poles.   Cut the top holes out and secure the posts to the deck and framed bar.

Step 2: Roof and Rafters

Probably the hardest step is the roof rafters.  I used treated 2x4's and 1x4's to create the angles and curves for the tiki illusion.   Once the frame was complete, I added plywood and covered it with felt paper.

Step 3: Roof Ready for the Thatch

Whie waiting on my thatch to be delivered, added some decorations and stained.

Step 4: Thatch Roof

The thatch was puchased from Home Depot and delivered directly to my house.   I purchased three (3) panels at a cost of about $110.00.    The thatch was placed on the roof with a overhang of about one foot.   I used rounded staples to secure the weaved thatch into the roof.

Step 5: Bar Top

The bar top was finished with pictures of our family on all our summer trips in the ocean or at the lake.   The pictures were placed on the top and a top coat of bar urethane was poured on.    Behind the bar, I put in a small refrigerator, some cabinets and a shelf.   This project took about one week to complete.