Poopy-The Disposable Cat Litter Box




Introduction: Poopy-The Disposable Cat Litter Box

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In this project,I will show you how to convert a cardboard moving box into a disposable and foldable cat litter box, to use when you are traveling with your cat, thus saving luggage space in your car and travel bags.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Cardboard moving box.


Measuring tape

Precision cutter.

Masking tape.

Super glue.

A pointy screwdriver ( used to punch holes in wood before putting screws in ).

Step 2: The Design Part I

1- Draw 2 lines on all the box sides like in the first photo.

B= 5 cm

A= 1/2 of the remaining distance (2A had to be < the width of the box, otherwise when you fold it it wont fold in all the way)

Once done, press the pin pointed screw driver along the lines to create a bend line.you ll need to do that on the inside too.

2- Draw a wide enough circle on the front side for your cat to go through, then cut it out with the precision cutter.

Step 3: The Design Part II

1-Cut the front and rear sides out with the cutter, and place them aside.

2-Tape the bottom and top sides with the masking tape.

Step 4: Assembly

Super glue the front and rear sides to the box.

Cut out 2 small banana shapes each around 4 cm wide and glue them on the doors.These will serve as door stops.

Step 5: Last Step

Cut out a small rectangle in the rear side ( serves as ventilation ).

Now that everything is assembled, push the doors upwards, then fold the box downwards like in the second photo until it is fully folded.

Tape it around to keep it folded.


To use it, simply unfold it, pull the doors downwards, then place around 2-3 kg of litter in it and introduce it to your cat :).

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    6 years ago

    Worked really well for me, didn't know how to control my cat's waste (I have 12 of them, all rescues too) especially since a few of them have poor control of "when they go." But as soon as I put a couple of these babies around my house everything became a whole lot cleaner. Now instead of spending all my time cleaning up after my cats I can spend some time trying to get rid of that smell. This is such a time and life saver! Thank you so much!


    6 years ago

    I meant to post a larger comment. Here it goes: My mom would love a cat but she's 78 and had a stroke, so she can't bend and clean a normal litter box. I think this would make a solution for her, since she could juts throw inside a plastic bag and then to the garbage can. I would also add a plastic linning for the urine. I can get her like five boxes every week and then having them disposed properly.


    6 years ago

    Really nice.