Poor Man's Automobile Laptop Stand

Introduction: Poor Man's Automobile Laptop Stand

First, a word of caution.  Do NOT use your computer while driving!  This device attaches to the steering wheel.  I call it the Poor Man's Automobile Laptop Stand.  

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To get started, we will need 5 to 6 feet of a large gauge of wire.  I am not sure of the gauge of wire that I used here. We also will need a pair of pliers.  I used angled needle-nose pliers as that is what I had readily available.  Then I started bending the wire to make a pair of hooks to fit over the steering wheel and then another pair of bends that would basically make a shelf.

Step 2: Finished Laptop Stand

Step 3: Laptop Stand in Use

Here is the final picture.  So, pretty simple.  There is plenty of room for improvement.  For this one I only did measurement by visual and it shows.  There are some commercially available stands available but this suited my needs and hopefully you liked this instructable.

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