Introduction: Poor Mans Bike Repair Stand

I recently built this low cost repair stand to securely hold nearly any bicycle during repairs, the materials can be found at most hardware stores for around 40$ , parts list as follows....(1) 3/4" x 48" pipe threaded both ends, (1) 3/4" x 18" pipe threaded both ends, (1) 3/4" x 4" pipe threaded both ends,  (2) 3/4" pipe floor flanges, (1) 3/4" pipe tee, (4) counter sunk head 1/4" x 1 1/2" bolts with corresponding nuts and washers, (1) tube red loctite, (1) magnetic parts tray, (1) 3/4 " pipe clamp assembly (1) piece of 1/4" steel plate about 18"x24" for base,(1) 6" x 1/8" wall x 1.5" diameter aluminum tube,(pvc pipe can be substituted) (2) 4" x 1/8" wall C channel aluminum, 2 ft x 3/4" neoprene weather stripping

Required tools
1. drill
2. 1/4" drill bit for steel
3. 11/64 drill bit for steel
4. #10 tap
5. counter sink
6. welder(optional)
7. pipe wrench
8. suitable cutting tool for cutting aluminum tube or pvc depending on construction method
9. 7/16" box end wrench
10. #3 phillips screw driver
11. vise (optional)

Assembly Instructions
1. apply red loctite to all threaded pipe sections(except the bottom of the 48" pipe)
2. thread one floor flange onto one end of the 48" pipe
3. thread the tee to the other end of the pipe thread
4. thread the 4" pipe into the tee in line with the 48" pipe
5. thread the 18" pipe into the right angle tee
6. tighten all pipe securely with a pipe wrench
7. attach pipe clamp assembly to end of 18" pipe
8. drill two holes in the back of the clamp assembly as shown in the photos to bolt jaws to clamp
9. cut aluminum tube in half lenghtwise (use extreme caution) (PVC pipe can be substituted)
10. weld or screw c channel to back of tube channel section 
11. mark and drill basewith 1/4 " drill bit to accept the floor flange
12. mark, drill and tap the aluminum c channel and pipe sections to fastenthem  to clamp jaws,
13. Use #10 screws to fasten aluminum parts to pipe clamp jaws (length determined by what construction method you choose, pvc or aluminum)
14. counter sink holes on underside of steel baseplate
15. fasten floor flange to baseplate with 1/4" bolts
16. apply neoprene to clamp jaws for protection of the bike
17. let loctite set up overnite and you are good to go!

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