Introduction: Poor Mans Risotto

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Poor Mans Risotto came about from I guess through circumstance and going against the grain - If I told an Italian chef that I made Risotto without the standard he would say it isn't Risotto!!! But I would say it kind of is, as I use rice per se just not Risotto Rice....

You may also ask why circumstances would effect a popular recipe such as this one, well maybe it's all you had to hand at the time and improvisation is not a crime! It's just artistic license......

I will endeavour to give a step by step guide with images on how to make this very tasty versatile dish, which Is very moorish ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients & Cooking Method

1) 400g Napoli Whole Plum Tomatoes
2) 340g Basmati Or Long Grain Rice
3) 1/2 Small Red Onion & 1 Garlic Clove
4) 30ml Olive Oil
5) 1 TSP Mixed Herbs, Salt, Black Pepper
6) 350ml Water

First clear a decent work area - peal & Finley dice the onion & garlic, then place 30ml olive oil in a small/ medium pan (size of pan is important for amount of rice) & liquid but not too big.......

Add garlic and onions to the oil and cool on medium heat for 3-4 minutes, next add Salt, herbs & pepper. Now take tin of tomatoes and cut on a plate into fine pieces......why you may ask when you can buy them already? Simple answer 'Skin & Hard green ends' both of which I dislike. Add to the onions and simmer for 5-6 mins, now take the can and fill up with water & put aside.

Next add 340g of long grain rice add this to the Onion & Tomatoe Fusion/ Ragú and mix for 3 - 4 mins on medium heat & after which add the water from the can which is spot on 350ml. If you like me used a pan a little on the small side be very careful with stirring.

Step 2: Cooking Method Cont.

On a medium heat let ingredients gently simmer & from time to time stir the ingredients as the rice sinks and the water sits on the top, this will catch on the bottom easily. After a time the rice will swell as it absorbs the water.

When it resembles image 4 the heat will increase as can be seen from the vigorous bubbling at this stage turn the head down to maintain a low simmer and gently free the rice from the sides of the pan, so you rotate each scoop through 180o so they do not aggregate only at the bottom.

Step 3: Rice Nearly Cooked

As the water is absorbed bubbling will increase the trick is not to over stir it as the rice is fragile it's a balancing act with keeping an eye on the temperature and gentle rotation of the rice.

Next drain the tuna and add into the rice at different points in the mixing of the rice think Paella is cooked very similar. this point the heat should be on the lowest setting to avoid catching the bottom.

After approximately 30-35 mins cooking we are near completion and serving.

Now time to taste add cheese on the top or add a little near the end of cooking and black pepper of course.....

Enjoy, well done and please Rate and comment I G

Step 4:

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